Why choose Parallel Fire?

Why do fire companies choose Parallel Fire for their installs? Here are just a few reasons…

Effective communication:

effective communication 

Neil Gould, Director and Projects Manager, has over 15 years of industry experience. He knows the ins and outs of the industry and is able to effectively communicate with customers, contractors,  suppliers and designers to ensure a high quality, efficiently installed fire suppression system.

Project’s documentation:


Often Parallel Fire Protection is asked to provide documentation required within the commercial sector. Parallel Fire Protection is equipped to provide health and safety policies, hazard registers and other job related documentation.  Our Team Leaders are trained to conduct regular tool-box meetings.

Track your project’s daily activity online:


Over time we have developed a formalised and transparent approach to installing systems. As a customer of Parallel Fire Protection, we provide our clients with log-in details allowing you to track and trace the daily activity of a job’s progress without even being on-site.  Project Managers alike, love the real-time project status ability!



Rest assured, our team leaders are armed with vehicles, mobile phones (allowing for constant communication), complete set of tools and machinery and are armed with the knowledge required to deliver quality installations. There are no excuses for project delays due to having an under-resourced installations contracting company.

Health and Safety:


We take health and safety very seriously. Each Technician is required to have SiteSafe Passport and is trained in Parallel Fire Protection’s own health and safety policies. Department of Labour safety factsheets and Site Safe toolbox factsheets are sent to each of our team members on a weekly basis highlighting related safety regulations. In addition, our staff regularly discuss onsite hazards when inducted into jobs and at tool-box meetings.

Quality control systems:


Parallel Fire Protection has developed internal quality-control systems that ensure each project is delivered with a high degree of technical-correctness. We have internal checklists that are used at certain stages of a project. We get excited when we receive a blank inspection sheet from the Auditors, as we feel it means our internal quality-control systems are working!

Internal staff training:


At parallel fire protection, we have developed our own training standards. We have identified the specialised skill sets each of our Technicians are required to have and use internal training programs to ensure our staff are constantly supported, educated, and challenged within their dedicated roles.

Our installations work:


Not very often we get to see our product in action (thank goodness), however, there are moments when – due to unfortunate circumstances – the use for sprinklers is required… Admittedly, we are probably the only company who gets excited when we hear that there has been a fire at one of the sites we have worked on, but that’s because of stories like this …

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